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Determination of HBS Antibody Titre in Vaccinated Health Care Workers of Shahid Sadoughi Burn Hospital in Yazd in 2011 (69992 Views)
Comparison of Depression and Anxiety in Employed Women With Housewives Women In Shiraz City in 2012 (69493 Views)
Cost price Estimation of Appendix Surgery in Yazd Shahid Sadoughi Hospital Using Activity-based Costing in 2011 (28633 Views)
Identification of Hazardous and Risk Assessment of Tunneling Process Using JSA Method in the Dam & Power plant site (21895 Views)
Evaluation of Zinc Sulfate Consumption on Reducing the Incidence of Co-amoxicillin Associated Diarrhea in Children 6 to 60 Months (21774 Views)
The Evaluation of Effects of Knowledge Management Strategy on Organizational Innovation and Performance (A case study in community health centers of north part of Fars province) (21248 Views)
The Effects of Teaching Components of Emotional Intelligence on Happiness of Dormitory Resident Female Students (20101 Views)
The Effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the Education Process from the Perspective of Yazd University Students (18292 Views)
Factors Affecting nitrate Concentrations in Shiraz Groundwater Using Geographical Information System )GIS( (17405 Views)
Investigation of Corrosion Potential and Precipitation Tendency of Drinking Water in the Kerman Distribution System (16314 Views)
The Study of Domestic Violence in Marrid Women Addmitted to Yazd Legal Medicine Organization and Welfare Organization (16275 Views)
Results of Drug addiction Test and its Correlation With the Demographic Specifications Among People Referred to Yazd Addiction Diagnostic Laboratory Centre (16261 Views)
Survey of Prevalence and Causes of the Trend of Hookah Smoking in Tehran University Students of Medical Sciences 2010-2011 (15702 Views)
The Effects of UV C Light and Cornex for Disinfection of Surfaces in Yazd Shahid Sadughi Burn Center (15514 Views)
The Effect of Stabilizer and Flavors on the Sensory Characteristics of Soy Yogurt(2012) (15472 Views)
Site Selection for Solid Waste by GIS & AHP-FUZZY Logic (Case Study: Shiraz City) (15391 Views)
Application of Raw Russian Knapweed Flower Powder as a Natural Biosorbent in Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Synthetic Wastewater (15302 Views)
Study of Dental Anxiety among Patients Referred to Private Offices in Mashhad (15220 Views)
The Effects of Pre-marriage Education and Consultation on Knowledge and Attitude of Couples Regarding to Reproductive Health (15183 Views)
Health Literacy and Utilization of health Services in Kerman urban Area 2011 (15018 Views)
Comparison of the Effect Nutrition Education by Peers and Health Personnel on Knowledge, Attitude and Nutritional Indices of 18-35 years old Women of Orumieh Health Care Centers (14848 Views)
Survey and Comparison of Aluminum Sulfate and Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) in Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment (14786 Views)
Bioremedation of water contaminated with crude oil per isolatin Bacillus from oily pound (14729 Views)
Evaluation of the Different Fenton Processes Combined with Coagulation- Flocculation Pretreatment in Landfill Leachate Treatment (14523 Views)
Comparison of the Effect of Written or Speech Communication Skills Training of Health Staff on Clients' Satisfaction of Shiraz Health Centers (14412 Views)
The Evaluation of Efficiency of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Humic Acid Adsorption in Acidic Conditions From Aqueous Solution (14319 Views)
Methyl Iodide gas removal from the Air by Activeated Carbon imprignated with Amine Salts (13943 Views)
Knowledge, Attitude, and Performance of People toward Skin Cancer in Yazd (13889 Views)
Comparison of Dual Precipitator Electrodes (with Iron and Aluminum) and Coal electrodes on physicochemical quality of water (13660 Views)
Prevalence of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Auto Parts-manufacturing Plants’ Workers (13616 Views)
Examining the Effect of Teaching Religious Coping Style on Happiness of Parents (13391 Views)
Optimization of Parameters in Concentration Technology for Treatment and Reduction of Organic Load in Distillery’s Vinasse (13282 Views)
Nickel Removal from Synthetic Nuclear- Power- Plant Coolant Water by Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (13176 Views)
Comparative Investigation of 2-Chlorophenol and 4-Chrorophenol Removal Using Granulated Activated Carbon and Rice Husk Ash (13135 Views)
Evaluation of Satisfication Rate of Patients Admitted to Yazd Shaheed Sadoughi Burn Hospital in First Nine Months of the year 2011 (13132 Views)
Epidemiologic Survey of Animal Bites and Causes of Delay in Getting Preventive Treatment in Tabbas during 2005-2010 (12871 Views)
Mercury Content of Canned Tuna Fish Marketed in Iran (12821 Views)
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Sub-Surface Constructed Wetland Methods in Wastewater Treatment in Yazd City in 2011 (12743 Views)
A Review on Apitherapy in Iran and World (review article) (12675 Views)
Vitamin D Status in Patients with Depression Referred to Specialized Clinics Affiliated to Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd-2011 (12541 Views)
DMFT Evaluation of First Permanent Molars in Primary-School Students in Yazd (12413 Views)
Assessment of Content Validity and Internal Consistency and Reliability of Direct Experience-Based Elderly Food Insecurity Measurement Tool for Iranian Elders (12195 Views)
Comparison of the Effect of Green and Sour Tea on Blood Glucose and Lipids Profile in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (12125 Views)
Kaldnes(k1) Moving bed Biofilm Reactors Performance for Organic and Nitrogen Compounds Removal From Wastewater with Iimited Dissolved Oxygen (11771 Views)
Performance Evaluation of Modified Pumice on Removal Nitrate From Aqueous Solution: Kinetic Studies and Adsorption Isotherm (11644 Views)
Survey of Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Activity of Rosmarinus Officinalis Essential oils on Escherichia Coli and Its Kinetic (11608 Views)
Survey of Economical and Environmental Potential From Source Separation Plan of Municipal Solid Wastes in Zone 5 of Tehran (11470 Views)
Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Marital Satisfaction in (11434 Views)
Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Yazd City High School Students on the Role of Vitamin D in Health (11409 Views)
Study of Smoking Predictors Based on Prototype/Willingness Model omong High School Students in Maragheh (11011 Views)
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