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The Study Predictors of Fast-Food Consumption based on the Prototype/Willingness Model in Students of Public Health School, Rafsanjan City, Iran (8464 Downloads)
The Evaluation of Effects of Knowledge Management Strategy on Organizational Innovation and Performance (A case study in community health centers of north part of Fars province) (8155 Downloads)
Identification of Hazardous and Risk Assessment of Tunneling Process Using JSA Method in the Dam & Power plant site (6570 Downloads)
Comparison of Depression and Anxiety in Employed Women With Housewives Women In Shiraz City in 2012 (5645 Downloads)
Relationship between attachment to God and meaningful life parents of mentally retarded children in Zahedan city (5352 Downloads)
Determining the Optimum Number of Nursing Staff Is Needed in Kerman Shafa Hospital Emergency Department (5088 Downloads)
A Survey on Healthy Lifestyle of Health Care Workers in Andimeshk (5060 Downloads)
The Relationship Between Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Health Behaviors in High School Girl Students in Mashhad in Year 2011-2012 (4796 Downloads)
A Review on Apitherapy in Iran and World (review article) (4774 Downloads)
The Study of Domestic Violence in Marrid Women Addmitted to Yazd Legal Medicine Organization and Welfare Organization (4768 Downloads)
Survey of Silver Nanoparticles Antibacterial Activity Against Gram-Positive and Gram-negative Bacteria in Vitro (4479 Downloads)
Effective Strategies for Prevention of Gastric Aancer: a Review Study (4436 Downloads)
Factors Affecting nitrate Concentrations in Shiraz Groundwater Using Geographical Information System )GIS( (4388 Downloads)
Health risk assessment of heavy metals (cadmium, nickel, lead and zinc) in withdrawed parsley vegetable from some farms in Hamedan city (4248 Downloads)
Modification of Digesting System in Chemical Oxygen Demand Test with Silver Nano Particles for Determination of Organic Load in Effluent of Pharmaceutical Industries (4159 Downloads)
Isolation and biochemical identification of potentially Probiotic lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional yogurt in Yazd province (4116 Downloads)
The Relationship Between Psychological Hardiness and Homesickness in University of Sistan and Baluchestan Non-native Students (4050 Downloads)
Evaluation of Adsorption Process in Dye Removal from Industrial Wastewater (3974 Downloads)
Household-Scale Production of Vermicompost by Earthworm Eisenia fetida (3877 Downloads)
Investigation of Corrosion Potential and Precipitation Tendency of Drinking Water in the Kerman Distribution System (3814 Downloads)
Application of TiO2/UV-C Photocatalytical Processes for the Removal of Reactive Red 198 Dye from Synthetic Textile Wastewater (3779 Downloads)
Survey of Prevalence and Causes of the Trend of Hookah Smoking in Tehran University Students of Medical Sciences 2010-2011 (3562 Downloads)
Evaluation of Health Conditions of Livestock and Poultry Slaughterhouses in Yazd Province (3537 Downloads)
A Survey of Municipal Solid Waste Generation in 22 Regions of Tehran With Solid Waste Reduction Approach (3437 Downloads)
Comparative Study of Marital Adaptation, Happiness and Divorce Inclination in Traditional and non Traditional Marriages (3435 Downloads)
Ways to Control Moral Hazard in Health System: Demand-side and Supply-side Interventions (review article) (3425 Downloads)
The Survey of Knowledge, Attitude and Peractice among Yazd Housewives Regarding to Recycling Solid Material (3325 Downloads)
Bioremedation of water contaminated with crude oil per isolatin Bacillus from oily pound (3325 Downloads)
The Effects of UV C Light and Cornex for Disinfection of Surfaces in Yazd Shahid Sadughi Burn Center (3321 Downloads)
Determining the Heavy Metals Contents in Some Highly-used Samples of Cigarettes and Aromatic Tobaccos in Iranian Market (3310 Downloads)
The Effect of Stabilizer and Flavors on the Sensory Characteristics of Soy Yogurt(2012) (3302 Downloads)
A survey on the Relation Between EQ and Marriage Happiness of the Married Couples Living in the City of Yazd (3216 Downloads)
Neonatal hypothyroidism and its related factors in infants born inYazd Province during the years 2013 to 2014 (3199 Downloads)
Site Selection for Solid Waste by GIS & AHP-FUZZY Logic (Case Study: Shiraz City) (3157 Downloads)
Survey and Comparison of Aluminum Sulfate and Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) in Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment (3146 Downloads)
Performance of Olive pit Ash's In Nitrate Removal from the Aqueous Solutions (3133 Downloads)
Survey of Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Activity of Rosmarinus Officinalis Essential oils on Escherichia Coli and Its Kinetic (3130 Downloads)
Health Literacy and Utilization of health Services in Kerman urban Area 2011 (3083 Downloads)
Determination of HBS Antibody Titre in Vaccinated Health Care Workers of Shahid Sadoughi Burn Hospital in Yazd in 2011 (3070 Downloads)
Supportive Health Insurance Aaround the world: Comparative Study of in Selected Countries (3026 Downloads)
The Effects of Teaching Components of Emotional Intelligence on Happiness of Dormitory Resident Female Students (2981 Downloads)
Evaluation of Effectiveness Guilds Health Education Courses Based on Kirkpatrick Model (2945 Downloads)
Prevalence of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Auto Parts-manufacturing Plants’ Workers (2943 Downloads)
New Methods Analysis of Nitrate Removal from Water Resources (2938 Downloads)
Estimation of Drug Demand Function in Iranian Urban Population through Household Budget, 1990-2011 (2935 Downloads)
The Effect of 8 Weeks Yoga Training on Respiratory Function and Heart Rate of Non-Athlete Females (2925 Downloads)
Impact of Social Responsibility on Customer Loyalty Due to the Mediating Role of Mental Image and Trust in Yazd Teaching Hospitals (2921 Downloads)
Investigating the Effect of Organizational Health on Work Engagement among Nurses in Yazd Social Security Hospital (2916 Downloads)
The Effects of Pre-marriage Education and Consultation on Knowledge and Attitude of Couples Regarding to Reproductive Health (2898 Downloads)
Nanotechnology and water pollutants removal (2880 Downloads)
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